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Latest: stick2mouse-0.3.tar.bz2
See also: (more advanced than this driver, maybe you should use it instead). This is an experimental driver for Synaptics USB Styk devices (trackpoints). This driver is analogous to the X.Org driver for touchpads, however, instead of reporting input events directly to the X server, it reports them to the kernel via uinput. This driver needs the synaptics-usb kernel module compiled and loaded.

Notice that I do not have a Synaptics USB Styk device, so the driver might not yet work properly. Please report any experience with this driver. Or if you have some experience with C, you are welcome to improve it (the relevant code is in emu.c).

Additional kernel configuration

This driver needs uinput support in the kernel:
		Device Drivers --->
		    Input Device Support --->
			Miscellaneous devices --->
			    User level driver support

Testing the driver

To compile stick2mouse, simply run make. Now we must bind the trackpoint device to the synaptics-usb kernel module:
	synaptics-usb rebind_stick_to synaptics-usb
The uinput kernel module must be loaded:
	modprobe uinput
Finally run the driver with:
	./stick2mouse --sensitivity 100


version 0.3:
  • inverted y-axis
  • libusb is now the default input method
    version 0.2:
  • rescaled sensitivity by 100
    version 0.1:
  • first release