synaptics-test: Read data from Synaptics USB Hardware

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You need libusb and its header files (which are in an extra libusb-dev package on some disributions) to compile this program. Then just run make in the source directory. You can get a list of options with "./synaptics-test --help". Without the --abs option, the device will emulate an USB mouse, which is not very interesting (I am not sure if the TouchScreen can emulate an USB mouse, if it can not do so the --abs option is not needed).
Example 1: If some button is not working on your TouchPad, you can find out which bit corresponds to this button with:
	./synaptics-test --abs --decode
Then press the buttons and look what happens to the B field. The output is more clearly with the additional option --no-newline.
Example 2: If you have a composite TouchPad/TouchStyk (e.g. USB UltraNav Keyboards), you can get the data packets of the TouchStyk with the option --interface 1:
	./synaptics-test --interface 1 --abs --decode
The TouchPad would be --interface 0.